•                                                                                Amsterdam, 29/3/2009


    They say the best things in life are free........how about your health???


    Is this the end of most Backbone injuries???
    And most other problems?

    Physically as well as mentally?

    Is it really that simple?


    And did you know how easy it is to stretch your hernia out yourself???

    Or to recover of most of your inconveniences???


    I discovered, by accident, a move that heals all of the body, because it repositions all 35 vertebrae and heals your spinal cord.

    And I couldn't find a similar move anywhere that does the same in just a minute .

    I know now that this move will make and keep your body healthy by just doing it daily, for one minute.

    That`s less than brushing your theeth to stay healthy.

    And you don't need anything to do this, just your body and a place to do this.

    I think that by doing this move daily, and when started at a young age, people should be able to get to an average age of over a hundred years.

    In good health.


    Impossible you might say.

    That's why I give you this information here, to use for free.

    Because things that totally go against the commonly accepted will normally take around 15 years to get accepted.

    And I think you shouldn't live in pain that long.

    And because I think this is one of the most important discoveries since somebody invented the wheel...........


    What I come across is that the "healthy" people say, "yeah right, we'll see".

    They say they're healthy, depend on their doctors, the prescribed medications and do their own exercises to stay healthy.

    The doctors and medics I meet say that it is not possible, but when they start arguing, to point out why not, they can only confirm that the spine and spinal cord are what make your body work.

    And that they still not exactly know how that cord works or how to heal it.....


    The chronic and desperate however, automatically will give this move a serious chance.

    Because they can't be helped by the modern healthcare, or get sick of side effects by prescribed medication.

    They come back to me, happy and feeling better and confirm that this helps as quickly and simple as you can read here, on the following pages.


    So If you have no problems of any kind you can stop reading here.

    Although that is almost impossible because everybody has something, a pimple......... anything.


    However, if you have any problems you like to learn to solve yourself, or you still don`t believe it and like to know more about the lazy stretching monkey, you should read the rest of the site.


    Just start doing the lazy stretching monkey,

    I know your body will surprise you,


    And I wish you all a healthy life!!!!!



    Sincerely yours,


    Eric Jeroen Jansen






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