•                                                                                Amsterdam, 29/3/2009

    Here is a short list of what it did for me, so far; 

    without a change in diet or bad habits, nor taking any medicines or extra supplements at all;

    Total mobility of my spine, all vertebras. Immediately.

    No more pain, nowhere, since then.
    Free in any move a body should be able to make.

    RSI wrist healed totally in two weeks, but was already fully useful in a week.

    Immediate change of metabolism.
    Stomach pains, intestine pain, gas production, probable ulcer, all pains gone.
    Total repositioning of all joints (in 1,5 weeks) because of correct position of the spine.

    Confidence that I have total control over my spine and that a hernia will never ever hold me back again.

    200% mood change for the better.


    Energetic 24/7 and not needing long sleep or rest.

    Amazing balance in three weeks.

    Normal blood circulation back in a fingertip once cut half off, 32 years ago. Ever since then with severe cold the tip went white and started hurting, even with gloves .

    In three weeks it stayed warm, even with freezing wind and wearing no gloves.

    My coughing in the morning disappeared, better lungs  function in 6 weeks, in spite of still smoking a lot.

    After two months I got the impression that my senses got better, my tongue went totally pink without brushing. I never had a pink tongue the past decades, this happened in spite of my smoking.

    In two months the only logical thing to do was to quit smoking………..without a problem.

    My eye-sight improved for almost 50% after doing this move for two months, compared to a measurement of 10 years ago ......... ( Right -2,25>-1,5 & Left -1>-0,5) 

    In short;  It put the lights back in my eyes.


    With a simple move………


    The latest news is that somebody with a double hernia who does this for a week or so now thinks his heavy snoring gets less (as well as loud as intense).

    So this could be a marriage saver as well, he hopes now that the separate bedrooms soon will be history. We’ll see if it disappears.

    Also we tried this against the hiccough. A girl, experienced doing this move,  lost it permanent after doing this move for 30 seconds. Before that she hiccupped for 15 minutes.    


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