Amsterdam, 20/1/2009

Never back pain again!!!!


As well as recovery of a lot of small inconveniences, without any medication or painkillers, but just by performing a simple move once a day.


After having a serious backbone problem for 25 years, in which I tried almost anything to function to a normal level, I discovered this move, by accident, by trying to free myself out of a paralising hernia.

As it appears to me now, after analysing it, it repositions the total spinal column, all 34 or 35 vertebrae, in one simple exercise.

It opens all energy meridians, heals the spinal cord and by doing this, your immune system gets restarted, so your body is enabled to heal itself again.



This is a combined move, that you do in combination with a grip.

You don't need anything else. Just your body and a grip which you can find everywhere.

The total spinal column will be repositioned, without force or pain, by the person him- or herself.

At the end of the move you can stretch, with a little help of your legs, your spinal cord, and this is the secret to your healing.

If you are familiar with this move you can reach this state within a minute, even while having a hernia, to stretch it out.

Also the awareness grows on you that if you ever have a problem with your spine again, you can correct it within a minute.

And by doing so, you will be able to work on, so you have almost no recovery time or days spent ill at home while recovering.

This will make you trust your body again and gives a 200% better temper.

Because you have a 100% control over your spine.


You need to know that I have had a hernia for about four to six times per year, the last decade. Usually it will slip back after a week of resting while doing small exercises.

A chiropractor helps right away, only this gives me a very unsteady feeling in my lower back. And I shouldn't use my back for a few days as well, so the recovery time is about the same. Except for the pain relief the chiropractor gives instantly.

And because it slips back in almost the same recovery time, a week, I saw my chiropractor only occasionnally.

However, the pain in my back is always there, unbearable with intestine pains or as a background pain.

Physical therapy never helped for a long time , as well as low-voltage electro therapy didn´t .

A massage will work most of the times to get loosened up , however sometimes it worked the other way around and totally jammed my spine, not able to do anything anymore.

After weeks of working with stress, even when the pain was just bearable, I needed a day of rest.

The previous weeks it was working and resting, where the resting part was mainly laying down flat in bed to soothen the pain.

Also the weekends I spent most of the time laying down flat, to start working on monday, if my back let me.

After that day of rest my back pain was almost gone, just my right wrist had a pinpoint of extreme pain. When twisting to the left there was a pressure point, that, at the end of the day, reduced my strenght in that hand and arm with 70%.

I thought it was worn out because of plastering, this because the pain was at its most when plastering. Now I understand it was RSI.

This was one of the reasons I was depressed, a backbone and a wrist that failed on me, while earning my money using both......

Both enough reasons to find a different, less straining job.


So another day of rest to give my wrist a break. The next day the plan was to plaster a ceiling, a job I hate to do even in perfect health.


While cleaning an animal tank and pouring in water slowly, out of a full 20 liter jerrycan which I held in front of me with straitened arms, I thought that this had to go wrong.

And while I was thinking that, I felt a vertebra, in the middle of my spine, shift to the left.

With an immense pain and immobility as a result.......

End of story for at least a week I thought.........while trying to drag my body over to my bed to lay down.


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This happened at around 3.00 pm at tuesday, the 13th of januari 2009

And I never felt a disc shift like this before, like it moved for centimeters.

Followed by a flaming paralysing pain.

All my intestines were hurting and I felt sciatica untill under my left knee. Furthermore I had two flaming points in my vertebral column as if someone put knifes in there.


A few hours later I climbed three flights down, by stairs, sustaining my upper body with my arms, to get cigarettes in the coffeeshop over which I live, my face green of pain.

There I read in a health magazine an article about "never back pain again".

The problem was situated between your ears, because you expect it to go wrong.

This was, in summary, the conclusion of a survey in which they sent X-ray photo`s of 25 healthy spines to 25 prominent specialists. Most of these spines were diagnosed as severe problemspines with, in some cases, only surgery as an option.

"Yeah, right.....what a load of nonsense", I thought, while being green of pain.

However, ALL owners of these spines didn't have any problems at all!!!!!!

And all these spines were also far from perfect.


After some chit-chatting over different therapies I got an idea, hanging at a steel bar that supports the mezzanine.

What if......and how far.....

What can you do with a totally blocked spine.............????


And the miracle happened;

Within a minute my vertebrae found their right positions with a loud "TOC", and it freed me instantly of the unbearable, sickening pain.

Never ever before I succeeded to reposition my vertebrae myself out of a paralising hernia!!!

And this happened without any pain!!!


Instantly I was free to move in any direction, surprised by the range of this repositioning. It felt as if everything repositioned and got back in place where it should be.

No chiropractor ever before gave me this feeling by repositioning one or two shifted vertebrae.

I repeated this move two times extra with 5 minutes in between sessions.

My nerves where still agitated, because of the hernia, and gave me the feeling of a small glowing ball of pain, a soft healing pain as I know from years of pain experience.

But I was free to move!!! Just like that.......


I stretched my hernia out around 18.00 hours.

One hour later I went to bed with two pills of Zaldiar, a combination of 325mg aspirine and 37,5 mg tramadol.




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Here is a summary of the following weeks.

I didn't change my lifestyle, foodpattern or bad habits to achieve this, nor did I take any medication to speed things up.

I just make this move on a regular base.

Furthermore I don't eat enough, although healthy, and see my body do the impossible.


Something for you to know is that I have always smoked (with an exception of 7 years, 1998-2005) at least 1 pakkage of cigarrettes and two grams of marihuana daily, the last also to kill the pain by natural means.

Since I was eightteen untill now.

In the years when I didn't smoke tobacco and marihuana I started drinking alcohol.

Wodka was sort of the only poison my body could handle reasonably without a hangover.

Because I don't like the change alcohol gives to people, I stopped drinking when I was slightly tipsy.

But you get used to alcohol and your limit grows, or you think it does and you can handle more......

So without noticing you drink more and more and I think that the effects of alcohol to my body are much more harmfull than the use of marihuana.

In spite of that alcohol is commonly accepted, I think it destroys the body.

After I started smoking again in 2005 I mainly stopped using alcohol.


Furthermore, when there is, later on, spoken of athlete's foot (tinea pedis), it concerns a period of 5 minutes of itching at the max, after taking a shower with the use of soap.

Also I wear the same shoes daily, and normally, when you don't act on this, the itching, flaking and scaling of the skin of your feet will drive you mad.

And you will rub the skin untill it bleeds and then some, to stop the itching.

This never happened.

Also when I discribe itching or blisters, this is after a shower with soap and a good rubdown with a towel after.


In this diary the Lazy Stretching Monkey is referred to as LSM.




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Week 1

Day 1, wednesday 14/1/2009 ;

I woke up early, feeling great. I got dressed two hours later and went to work.

Just 14 hours after I stretched myself out of a paralising hernia I climbed up a scaffold to plaster a ceiling.

From 10.00 am untill 7.30 pm, I levelled a 36 m2 ceiling with a total amount of 250 kilos material.

I did this the easy way, watching over my posture, but still..... normally impossible!!!!!

It is climbing up and down the scaffold, and plastering a ceiling is most of the time out of reach and above your head. Working your spine under extreme conditions.

I watched over my posture, although my spine helped me by correcting me how to move. So when I felt something and corrected my posture immediately, there where no problems at all.

In between I stretched once in the afternoon, with the LSM, and a vertebra got back in position then.

My little ball of healing nerve pain, because of the jammed nerves the days/weeks before, got smaller, although I really worked hard in impossible postures and put extreme tension to my column.

At 7.00 pm I stopped working because I felt a little tired in my lower back, I thought.

Once changed out of working clothes and doing a LSM, I walked home thinking that I never felt better..... no pain at all and not even tired.

And believe me, even in good health in the past, especially after a day of plastering a ceiling, the only thing to do was lay down and recover.... Now I felt myself a 100% well.

Even my faeces changed to my idea, a chocolatbrown color, smooth, and clean. And I didn't need much toiletpaper to clean myself.

I got the impression that my metabolism had changed totally and that my body was detoxifying itself rapidly.



Day 2, thursday 15/1/2009 ;

I woke up at 6.30 am after going to bed at 1.00 am. I was immediately awake and full of energy.

Out of a habit I stayed in bed for the first time, my body needed approximately two to three hours to wake up and get started lately.

Once I got out of bed I had the sensation that I didn't have pain anywhere.

I stretched myself , not using the LSM, and all vertebrae clicked into place.

I plastered for half a day, to finish the 36 m2 ceiling.

You should know that to finish a ceiling, you have to really scrape it in order to get it flat.

So your backbone is all the time extremely pressurised between scaffold and ceiling.

This didn't give any problems.

Also I intended to move my body the way it had moved for the past 25 years; because that way my back didn't hurt. And wondering more and more didn't hurt anymore.

My posture has become selfcorrecting by my spine, it dictates how to move properly.

My feaces is clean and a homogeneous paste. 2 times wiping with toiletpaper and I was clean.

I got the impression that my wrist problem was less painfull, even though I used it plastering most of the time.

These first two days it appeared to me as if all old pains and problems, also in bowels, came back in reversed order, in little healing pains that disappeared.

Today I was again a 100% well, and I worked in postures that would have given me a backproblem before for sure.



Day 3, friday 16/1/2009 ;

I woke up normally, less pain in my wrist, no physical complaints.

But because of two days of plastering I have a little pain in both of my biceps.

My nerves in my spine are fully healed, no more glowing healing feeling. These are healed with an exceptional use of my spinal column.

I stretched myself normally when I woke up and all vertebrae find a good position, they click into place.

I worked all day with a power-sanding-machine in my normally "painfull" right hand. This gave no problems at all.

I still have to get used to a new posture in stead of the wrong posture I used the past 25 years to avoid pain,

Feaces are smooth, toiletpaper stays almost clean.

My temper is improved for a 100 %, I don't have pain anymore.

Did the LSM once today.

Day 4, saturday 17/1/2009 ;

Sanded the whole day, wrist almost painfree.

Selfcorrecting posture. I have to get used to make moves, that normally hurt, without any problems.

Faeces smooth, clean. Clean toiletpaper.

I don't have any physical complaints, except some healing pains that come and vanish every now and then.

Temper gets better.

In the evening I climbed up a rope for 8 meters to the ceiling. This gave no problems and my "painfull" wrist was the leading one.

I saw in the mirror late at night that the dark skin under my eyes got back to a normal color.

The darker circles were almost gone.

Until now I need approximately 7 hours of sleep and I didn't change anything in my lifestyle or habits to achieve this.


Day 5, sunday 18/1/2009 ;

I got up late, sunday style. It is very strange to wake up and be able to jump out of bed, painfree. This is something I couldn't do for the past decade.

Wrist feels better, it gets less painfull every day and I only feel a sort of pain when it is not used.

Some joints appear to get more space, some will reposition once.

Normal stretching aligns everything.

Sanded in the afternoon.

In the evening I lifted my glass reptile-tank, 100x100x40 cm, without problems. This is a very dangerous breakable 8 mm glass box, that gave no problems handling by myself.

I got the impression that a cyst, that I have in my belly skin, for twenty years now, gets looser and smaller. In 20 years time it got a little bigger.

Faeces smooth and clean.

Sometimes ghost pains at places I once had a problem, but when I focus at them they are not there.

I started to understand that my body feels a sense of pain now while laying in bed, a memory pain because "bed" was equal to pain all those years

Once out of bed there is no pain at all.

Because I feel so good I think that quitting smoking is a good option now.



Day 6, monday 19/1/2009 ;

All vertebrae reposition themselves as if they never did anything else. I did the LSM once.

Also it seems that bones and joints everywhere in my skeleton find themselves a better place.

For example my knees and elbows made small clicks to work better after.

Also my neck vertebrae seem to get looser and make my neck more flexible.

Sometimes small vertebrae surfaces click and get loose to make it work better.

My faeces stays the same, smooth and clean.

Now, when I feel that I have to go to the toilet, I sit down, farth once and wait for what is coming.

However with that farth I defaecate, and all times big excrements and smooth of substance.

A remarkable quick defaecation.

And another remarkable thing is that I stay clean or almost clean while doing so.


Today I healed my first patient with this method, or in better words, I let him do it himself.

My best friend, freed his shifted vertebra within a minute.

He was my greatest skeptical critic.

He had also the sensation that it slipped back without any pain!!!

"Yes, I feel it slip back", he said, feeling no pain.

While driving there I realised, that in order to look next to my car to move a lane to the right, I twisted myself so far that I could see the left lane while turning right with my head.

This while my pelvic was still against my seat and both hands held the steeringwheel.

In the past it took me some force to turn around......not anymore, I was stunned by my flexibility.


Today at work I smashed electra-box lids with my former "painfull" right wrist/hand. These are boxes in which sockets are build into. The lid fills with plaster while plastering.

Last week I thought, while doing two with my right wrist, that I had to do that differently. My wrist hurted really a lot then.

Today I did twelve without a problem, turned to my former "good" left wrist/hand to smash them.

And after three boxes my left hand hurted badly...... my right wrist is back to normal and stronger than my left. As it should be, being righthanded.

Besides an incidental healing pain I don`t have any problems anymore.

The cyst in my belly skin seems to get looser and smaller.

And my body seems to balance out every day a little more.


Day 7, tuesday 20/1/2009

Everything is fine today.

For the first time in years I woke up, showered, got dressed and arrived at an appointment down my street within 15 minutes. Unbelievable.

I got back to a resting/sleeping time of approximately 6 hours. This used to be enough in my younger years and I start to wake up by myself after that period of sleep.

No pains, everything OK.

In the afternoon a small pain in my spine, the lazy stretching monkey took it out in a minute.

Still a 100% well.

Still sometimes ghost pains, pains that are not there when you focus at them.
My spine seems to have corrected the wrong memory positioning into a correct one, it has become selfcorrecting. I have to get used to use my long muscles, they give a little musclepain because I think I never used them properly. And now I do.

This gives me a better posture over all.




Week 2

Day 8, wednesday 21/1/2009 ;

I don't need a lot of sleep anymore, 6 hours seems enough. Like when I was young.

I still have to get used to be able to jump out of bed without pain.

When I showered and stood in front of a mirror I had the strange feeling that my body looked fine. It is a strange awareness to feel good.

Feaces stays good, smooth and clean.

In the afternoon I felt like dancing.

I really get the impression that the cyst in my belly-skin is getting smaller and loosened of my skin somehow. Strange after being there for 20 years.


Day 9, thursday 22/1/2009 ;

My feaces stay the same, clean and smooth.

The RSI in my right wrist is almost gone, I only feel an undefinable little pain when not used.

In the afternoon I was hammering on a chisel with this wrist without problems, in fact I thought after a few minutes about what I was doing.


Day 10, friday 23/1/2009 ;

It is easier and easier to wake up and get out of bed day by day. A good body is something you get used to quickly.

In spite of cold weather, I don't have problems with that.

In the past this was a possible problem because a shiver could shift a vertebra then.

Now I walk around in freezing cold with my coat open lately.

I still have the feeling I have to go dancing, triggerred by the right music.

My mood gets better and better.

Somebody told me that she thought my eyes were lightened again.


Day 11, saturday 24/1/2009 ;

I really think the cyst in my belly skin is deminishing.

My right wrist is normal and I have only occasionnaly a little pain if not used now

By now I am getting used to use my body in any way I like, and that it feels natural.

In the evening I searched for toiletpaper for half an hour. The tiny piece I found I didn't need stayed clean.


Day 12 ,sunday 25/1/2009 ;

This morning I wondered that my body doesn't have any problems adjusting itself to temperature changes.

In spite of wind, an open coat and just wearing a T shirt I didn't feel cold. And it was windy and approximately 5 degrees celcius.

I feel fine and have no problems with my wrist anymore.

When I really stretch to my max with the LSM, my sacrum feels tingling for 30 minutes, the same feeling I had having low voltage electro therapy. This right on the spot were it always hurted, so I am still healing there.

And I feel better by the day.


Day 13, monday 26/1/2009 ;

I planned two days of rest.

It still is strange to feel good about your body when you check it in a mirror.

Today my middle toes of my right foot started itching, like you experience with an athlete's foot.

I normally get this when I am in a bad condition, like other people get Herpes simplex labialis.

However there are no signs. And when this occurs it starts allways at my left small toe, if I don't act then it spreads and a few weeks later I will get it at my other (right) foot as well, at the point where it started now. Strange, but it complies with the "in backward order" theory.

Low freezing outside temperatures don't bother me anymore, it feels like nice weather to me.

Tonight I had a small pain in my rightside kidney, a small pain a little inside from the back under my ribs.


Day 14, tuesday 27/1/2009 ;

My middle three toes of my right foot itch, no signs of atlete's foot.

The kidney pain vanished.

I have a little pain in my right nostril, inside.

I wil have a look later, I have allways had some tiny red spots at my nose there.

I have been talking outside in a cellphone for 10 minutes, windless, 2 degrees Celcius, wearing only a short-sleeved shirt. I didn't experience any cold, however my naked arms had goose pimples to keep my body warm.

When I went back inside I did not have the feeling of a loss of warmth, the transition from cold to warm was sort of unnoticeable.

The last days I get the impression that my body handles variations in temperature better in general.

In stead of recovering of pain, this weekend really felt like having a break and resting.

I also get the impression that things change inside my brain, this is hard to explain but it occurs to me that decisions are made differently.


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Week 3

Day 15 , wednesday 28/1/2009 ;

In my right nostril there is a small inflammation, inside it is a little swollen, it is painfull only when I touch it.

With certain types of weather, (freezing, blue sky), I have a bloody nose when I blow it while standing under a hot shower.

This happens twice a year a few times, in wintertime.

And it only bleeds out of the nostril where the inflammation is now, from that exact spot.

My nose shows on the outside a few small red spots, two small in the center and one slightly bigger on my right nostril.

But far less than I can remember, these are hardly visible and in the past I these red spots really annoyed me.

I plastered in the afternoon a few walls and overdid it a bit. I stopped with a little pain in my back.

But after a LSM, relaxing and a shower, I didn't have any problems in the evening.

Day 16, thursday 29/1/2009 ;

Nostil inflammation is a little less, as well as the outside spots, I think.

Today I have a big pain in my right shoulder. The whole of my musculus trapezius is strained and hardly usable.

It started hurting sometime last night, I remember turning myself in my sleep when I layed on that side. It feels like muscle pain and hurts in all upgoing and twisting movements of my right arm.

Maybe I strained it yesterday with plastering, there was no draft in my bedroom.

However to stretch it is possible, with a little pain, so I did the LSM.

The muscle pain is not attached to my spine and furhermore I don't have any complaints.

Somehow I get the impression that all physical problems are repaired from the middle of my body to the outsides, to the top and bottom.

So now it is the turn of the ends of my meridians. This with my nose and feet symptoms in mind.

The rest of the day my trapezius was very painfull and not usable. So I took a day off.

In the afternoon around 5 pm I moved around like Napoleon, only possible to hold my arm in an imaginary sling.

And the heavy painkillers I took to get rid of the pain, since I thought this was muscle pain, didn't help at all.

I spent the evening in bed with a warm water bottle under my shoulder what relieved the pain a bit.

I became a little loose, but not much.



Day 17, friday 30/1/2009 ;

Shoulder a little less painfull but still stuck.

Didn't go to work and did not take any painkillers. They had no effect yesterday even though it feels like muscle pain.

I expect this to be some sort of final detoxification, and related to my RSI.

The pain concerns only the trapezius and does not affect my spine which is loose and flexible.

But I can only twist my head for 170 degrees, 100 degrees less than before, because my body doesn't twist well.

A female friend complimented me for looking good.

Before people that did not see me for a while told me I got skinny, and I am still too skinny......


Day 18, saturday 31/1/09/2009 ;

This night I unconsciously felt the pain in my shoulder slip away, and the same way it came.

This morning almost totally free to move my right trapezius. No backpain or other complaints.

Nostril inflammation a little less swollen.

Today my left small toe has signs of athlete's foot, but no itching. This still complies with the reversed order theory, I thought while wondering over this.

A scaling, flaking skin only happens after a few days of itching so this is strange as well.

This morning I astonished myself having an extremely good balance..... I found myself watching television and putting on my socks and shoes,and tying my laces while standing straight with my other leg. I could do so with both legs, as a sort of flamingo.

This afternoon I went to pick up some animal food, flies and critters for my reed frogs( H. Mitchelli) and my tree-crocodiles ( Tribolonotus Gracilis)

Allergic as I am to walking, since I have a car, I decided to walk the 1,5 kilometers to the animal store.

The weather was fine, sunny, almost windless and just below freezing point.

I did not have a problem with this cold and even sweated a bit, with open ski-parka and wearing a jersey.

While walking my spine points out how to walk with the proper posture. It makes me aware of muscles I didn't even think of having.

On the way home I held the plastic bag in my left hand while a little freezing wind had started blowing.

By the time I got home I realised there was something missing.

When I was approximately 12 years old, I cut one of my fingertips half off, of my left middle finger. It was sewed back on.

Ever since then,with severe cold, the tip went white and started hurting a lot after a quarter of an hour, because of a lack of blood circulation.

Now I walked for three quarters of an hour in freezing wind with no problems at all and wearing no gloves. Even when I went inside the tip gave no problems, the tip reacted just as the rest of my fingers. Outside cold and inside warm, with a good circulation.

This is amazing, two weeks ago I was in pain after 10 minutes unprotected hands in a freezing cold.

Another remarkable thing is that I pinched this fingertip with a screw last week, by accident.

A pinprick in the center of this finger that wouldn't heal........ A day later when I pressed it there still came a drop of blood. This amazed me, I heal reasonably quick and what is a pinprick??? However there was a stitching feeling inside that did not go away. I even got some scar tissue there which I cut open to see if there was a splinter left behind. Once opened up I pressed out a little worm of whitish pus and I thought that this would be the end of it.

However it kept stinging about 4 mm besides this cutting point, in the center of my fingertip.

Today my bloodcirculation seems to be normal again in that tip...........after 34 years!!!!!! Astonishing....

My head/body twisting ability is back to 200 degrees.


Day 19, sunday 1/2/2009 ;

My balance is extremely good, I stand straight with one leg and pull up, without help, my other leg with my knee almost to my chest and tie my shoe laces like that. Both legs, as if I never did differently.

This morning I tested my fingertip by walking in a freezing wind with bare spreaded hands. I walked to my work like this.

The freezing wind is cold but it doesn't hurt, I also don't get a feeling as if my hands are freezing.

All fingers look alike and have the same good circulation. After going inside my fingers did not have a problem with the change in temperature from below zero to 21 degrees celcius.

They adjusted within 4 minutes without pain, insensitivity, or other problems.

It seems as if I have got a new thermostat in my body that reacts really quick. I don't have a problem with the cold outside temperature even that I hear everybody complain about how cold it is.

Tonight at 10.30 pm I was outside without a coat, wearing just a sweater. It was freezing and I was admiring a friends new car for 10 minutes.

In spite of the wind and a not windproof sweater I didn't experience severe cold. Once inside I adjusted quick and didn't feel cold, it was nice and warm inside but I did not have the feeling of hypothermia.

My fingertip is healing now, the stinging goes away. So it was not a splinter after all.


Day 20, monday 2/2/2009 ;

Today I plastered for the whole day.

The cyst in my belly skin is much more loose and seems to diminish. It also seems to get loosened of the skin and more under the skin as in it.

Nostril inflammation heals slowly. It doesn't give a problem or pain unless I pick that nostril or touch it inside.

This evening I sat at the backrow in a room watching a lecture. My impression was halfway the lecture that my eyesight improved???

I normally sit at a front row to see better and easier.

Day 21, tuesday 3/2/2009 ;

Nostril almost cured, no swollen inflammation anymore and I can press that nostril hard between two fingers now without pain.

There still is a little pain in that nostril only a little higher up.

This afternoon, while having a coffee/cigarette-break, I had an unsuspected emotional moment.

Triggered by Everybody hurts by U2 I found myself crying my eyes out, and wondering why while smoking and having coffee
at the same time. But the crying was unstoppable.

I almost never cry because I don't see the use of it, to me it is sort of pointless, it doesn't solve anything.

So I was crying hard and thinking were this came from..........

The rest of the day I had a little extra pressure in my head and swollen eyes. Not really a headache.

The afternoon I spent working the ceiling with my right hand holding an angle grinder, what doesn't give me problems anymore.


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Week 4

Day 22, wednesday 4/2/2009 ;

No problems today.

Stayed at home because of juridical stress over keeping my home.

Day 23, thursday 5/2/2009 ;

Today I plastered all day, walls, ceilings and repaired ceiling-ornaments.

Nothing gives a problem.

After work I relaxed and a vertebra repositioned itself, without pain but sensible.


Day 24, friday 6/2/2009 ;

A day of resting, painfree and without problems.


Day 25, saturday 7/2/2009 ;

Today I plastered all day. A long day of 12 hours. My wrist could handle this with no problems at all.

While plastering I stepped off of the wrong side of the stairs.

Lately I feel like a circus act, I can stand in strange positions and use the stairs in the same time, without looking at it.

When I looked down why I didn't have support I had a Flintstone-moment ; overlooking the situation while hanging in the air, to jump to an open spot between all tools and land safely with my plasteringtools still in my hands.

This stairs is about 1 meter high.

A remarkable balance en coordination.


Day 26, sunday 8/2/2009 ;

Tonight I had a starting minor aphthous ulcer in my left cheek


Day 27, monday 9/2/2009 ;

Minor aphthous ulcer not bigger, but an extra pimple on my left chin. I have rarely pimples, as wel as I have rarely pimples.

Today they changed the main gas pipe in our house, all floors. They change the main pipes in my street so they do everything together.

After 5 hours in a T shirt with a temperature of 5 degrees celcius I started to feel a little cold and put on a sweater. I still didn't feel like needing a coat to stay warm.

However, I had sometimes a shiver, what would have terrified me in te past. Because my spine could go wrong that way, it doesn't affect me anymore..


Day 28, tuesday 10/2/2009 ;

Aphthous ulcer gone, a new tiny one occurs 2 cm next to it. And another pimple on my chin.


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Week 5

Day 29, wednesday 11/2/2009 ;

Minor aphthous ulcers gone, pimples gone.


Day 30, thursday 12/2/2009 ;

Tonight I ordered at the local snack bar french fries and sausages.

They make a famous belgian french fries, baked in a special baking oil which gives it its delicious flavour.

The past decade I stopped eating there because after eating something fried I had the next day diarrhoea.

I tested eating small amounts but it always turned out that way, my bowls couldn't handle that special baking produkt they use.

And since everybody I know eats there I expected it to be my problem and not a sanitary one.

So the last two years I don't eat anything coming from there.

Today it is testing time, if my metabolism really changed I shoud be able to eat anything I like...... and lots of it!!!


Day 31, friday 13/2/2009 ;

The food didn't give me any problems, no diarrhoea. Normal feaces, no changes, smooth and clean like the weeks before.


Day 32, saturday 14/2/2009 ;
It is strange that the pinprick in my left middle finger still didn't heal totally. This is since 3,5 weeks and although it is closed, there is still scar-tissue .

There is a little "saucer"of hardened skin with a diameter of approximately 6 mm.

I get the idea that the other scar tissues, of the 32 years old cuts, get less hard.

At my other hand for example, a wound of 6 mm diameter and 4 mm deep, at the little finger knuckle, healed in three days almost completely.

I always heal in a week but this was amazingly quick.


Day 33, sunday 15/2/2009 ;

Today I had the most incredible experience in my life. I think I have never been insulted this big and I have never been this furious.

It was difficult not to lower myself and react civilized.

I renovated a house of , what I thought was , a good friend for the last 5 months.

Everything renewed, build in electricity, new central heating everywere with no pipes visible, new custom build kitchen, walls and ceilings plastered, doors, windows, everything repaired, floors levelled and all this for the material costs and my rent over this period.

But in fact for about 1/5 of the normal costs.

I was treated as if I asked far to much money for doing all of this, I was called a liar and a cheat.

The renovation costs were higher than the original budget and took longer than the original planning.

In fact the material costs were at that moment 3/4 of the total costs and my wages 1/4.

We started this renovation in mutual agreement. She was familiar with my health problems and knew that I only build things extremely perfect. I stepped into this as being my last renovation, without pressure, because I couldn't say exactly when my body obeyed me and if I could be there every day for 8 hours.

Renovations always cost more in the end, and with mutual agreement it got bigger until the whole house was almost done. When my health got better she expected me to work even harder , for free, to finish it quicker.

Untill she told me she was going to pay some people to finish things, because I was not working hard enough......

I was expected to work 40 hours a week without paycheck.

So when I was earning my rent, besides rebuilding her house for free and so was not the full 40 hours around, I got fired....


My spine has the intention to twist and tense up under these exteme circumstances, and normally it fails on me then by sliding into a muliple hernia.

Not this time, even with this great stress it stayed well.

I had to do the LSM twice to get the stress out.


Day 34, monday 16/2/2009 ;

My back stays well, in spite of this extreme stress. Normally I would have a hernia by now.

While doing the LSM to the max, to stress out, I experienced a tingling feeling on my sacrum at the place where 25 years ao all problems of my back started.

Then a part of my muscle ripped because of lifting someting heavy that went wrong.

Remarkable that you instantly remember hat exact location.

In spite of the stress I could do some things today.


Day 35, tuesday 17/2/2009 ;

My back is fine, no problems.

Right foot toe skin in the middle is a bit dry, no itching. When I spread my toes aside the skin burst a little.

Left foot no problems.

Maybe I should use medication., I hesitate because I want to see if my body can overcome this athlete's foot problem by itself.

In the evening the skin between the toes was healed again. No problem, no itching.

All day a pain in my left arm, not really traceable, in the evening I had a similar pain in my left wrist as I had with the RSI in my right wrist, sort of mirrored.




Week 6

Day 36, wednesday 18/2/2009 ;

Pain in my left arm gone.

Toes are switched, I have now an itch between my right middle toes and a pink healed left small toe.



Day 37, thursday 19/2/2009 ;

Toes normal.

I have an undefinable feeling in my eyes sometimes, like the cornea refreshes. And it only is a single blink feeling a few times a day.



Day 38, friday 20/2/2009 ;

The soles of my feet appear to get softer, less corn.

Both my toes itch a little after a shower, between the right middle toes and at my left small toe,but no symptoms.


Today I made someone who drives a electrical wheelchair familiar with this move. This man (72 years old) has had a standing proffession and because of that he had problems with leg blood circulation and vessels and even amputated toes because of that.

After explaining the LSM and showing,he tried and could do the LSM without problems.

He feels how interlocked his spine is, but starts working it loose with the LSM.



Day 39, saturday 21/2/2009 ;

Toe itching switched again, the athlete's foot stays on the background, being there but not spreading or getting worse.

My feet should have problems by now and I should be crazy of the itching.

So it seems to me that my body, sort of, gets control over this funghal infection.


Day 40, sunday 22/2/2009 ;

This whole day I had a pain in my left lung entrance, the pain was on my backside the same as on my frontside, so I guess that this corcerns the whole lung entrance.

Again this cornea feeling. A single blink feeling now and then.


Day 41, monday 23/2/2009 ;

Left lung is painfree, today a little pain in my right lung, only at the backside.

Toes are normal, soles softer, less corn.


Day 42, tuesday 24/2/2009 ;

Lungs painfree, this idea of having a better lung function seems to be true. And this in spite of still smoking a lot, tobacco as well as marihuana.


A friend who does this move to see if it helps to get rid of her irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) (metabolism) and therefore knows how to do the LSM had the hiccup.

After 15 minutes I suggested to try the LSM, this stretches the ribs and sternum together with a total relaxation.

She stretched the hiccup out in 30 seconds..........

It didn't come back.


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Week 7

Day 43, wednesday 25/2/2009 ;

My coughing, because of smoking, in the morning has disappeared totally.

Because I do the LSM at least 15 times a day, to show people how to do it, I start to get very flexible.

I have the ability to twist my head for almost 270 degrees, using my body and neck. Both ways. Standing with closed legs, arms along the body and twisting without force. I can see to the left when twisting to the right and the other way around.....

By just using my neck I can look for 180 degrees to the back with the farest eye, both sides.

All people I ask to twist their body, to see how flexible they are, get as far as I get with only using my neck.

So maybe because of this and my quick RSI recovery this works for whiplash patients as well.


Tonight I got the impression that my hearing improved. The sound of a shower, that I couldn't hear since a few years when I closed my right ear, I can hear vaguely now. It occured to me when I layed down in bed on that ear, because you know what you can hear and what not. So new things you hear make you listen better.

The cyst in my belly skin is still getting loose and smaller and deeper under the skin. You have to get more and more skin in between your fingers to get the cyst between your fingers.

By now I have the feeling that all my joints have a certain free space to move around in, they reposition sometimes to work better, if my body is in rest.

If I have to do things and use my muscles they don't have that space and interact together as they should.

My impression is that I do a lot of things with less power and effort as I used to.

The extra room everywhere is because I do this move 20-30 times a day I expect.

However I don't have problems because I do this so often, I am still suprised how flexible I have become in 7 weeks by doing nothing, just hang out........



Day 44, thursday 26/2/2009 ;

Middle toes of my right foot itch, no symptoms.

Left small toe three small blisters, no itchintg.

Small aphthous ulcer,painfree, quarter front left bottom lip.

My tongue seems to get pink. I never had a pink tongue, no matter how hard I brushed or scraped it. It always stayed white/yellowish.

Today after brushing my teeth my tongue was mainly pink with a little white.
The back of my tongue looked still disgusting, white/green/black.

Probably because of my smoking habit. But even there appeare pink spots.

So I have to wait if this is true, I only once saw someone with a totally pink tongue. He was my acupuncture doctor.


But I slowly get the ipression that after healing my body, now my senses are improving.

My brain works different, emotional and logical, it is not constantly busy to overcome pain and also let my body function.

I now can look for solutions and ahead, in stead of if I can function till the end of this day.

So I expect that this move will solve depressions and other mental problems, as it did for me.

Finally the scar tissue of my left middle finger pinprick has gone, the skin is soft again as well as the old scar tissue is softer.



Day 45, friday 27/2/2009 ;

Small aphthous ulcer, quarter front left bottom, gone

Toes normal, minimal itching after taking a shower. No symptoms, pink skin.

I feel good but start to annoy myself because of my smoking addiction.



Talked to a young man, who broke all his lumbal vertebrae (L1-L5), a few years before. So he knew exactly what I was talking about, while I was explaining my story and what happened during this move.

He had been hospitalised for a while and knew all vertebrae and the way the flows in the spinal cord went.

His opinion was that doctors could repair a vertebra or lock a few together, but that they didn't know how everything exactly works inside the spinal cord and all the nerves in there, or how to repair those.

Interested he did the LSM without a problem, but also he had difficulties getting loose. He felt the LSM working is back and was going to give it a chance, he has a few spots in his body where he lost feeling abilities since his back was broken.

Maybe impossible but because my fingertip started working after 32 years......



Day 46, saturday 28/2/2009 ;

Today I ran untill I was out of breathe. This was after one and a half street lenghts and I did this three times in a row, walking slowly in between to get my breathe back..

My lungs don't like this, in that way that they can't give me enough oxygen to run on.

But while doing this for the first time in years, and because I am still smoking, I expected to cough my lungs out. This didn't happen, I could breathe in between running sessions.

My tongue gets cleaner and more pink without brushing.


Day 47, zondag 1/3/2009 ;

Toes are normal, only my left small toe itches a little after having a shower.

I have a tingling feeling at a spot right below my belly button. This spot once got totally numb, while having a severe hernia and sciatica.

The feeling in this spot restored a little but it felt different since then.

Now I feel a sort of small nerve-stitching there.


Day 48, monday 2/3/2009 ;

Muscle pain in both upper legs, probably because of the running the day before yesterday.

In the evening only muscle pain in my left leg, upper and lower leg.

Today I worked on a ship the whole day, it was cold and moist all day.

Working and heavy lifting (boat batteries) didn't give any problems.

In the evening stretched by LSM, further on problem free.


Day 49, tuesday 3/3/2009 ;

I have today a feeling under the belly skin cyst, when I feel deep I can't find where, nor can I tell exactly what organ hurts.

This pain is minimal and at a place where I sometimes had a stinging feeling. But somewhere inside my bowels.

Today I ran a little.

Tonight when I took off my socks the perspiration smelled like pure ammoniac. Smelly and sticky feet.

And I thought I got rid of my smelly perspiring feet.

Minor aphthous ulcer in my left cheek.



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Week 8

Day 50, wednesday 4/3/2009 ;

Vague pain under left backshoulder.

No problems with toes. Perspiration smells normal to not.

My soles get softer, less corn.

In the afternoon a vague stitching feeling under my belly skin cyst.

Aphthous ulcer almost gone

Tongue almost totally pink.

Day 51, thursday 5/3/2009 ;

Aphthous ulcer gone.

Toes normal, no itching, however symptoms left small toe and right middle toes.

Vague pain in the morning left of my belly button. This vanished, and in the afternoon I had a little pain in my right front side, a little to the inside.

This disappeared later that day.

In the evening my feet perspiration smelled again like ammoniac and they were sticky again.

Things really changed in my brain, things I used to run into time after time, spiralling, I now recognize and see a way around.


Today I met a enthousiastic girl again who had problems while working with a computer.

She feels better after one week doing the LSM.

The man of 72 years old in the electrical wheelchair is also enthousiastic and admits that his spine was totaly locked and that the LSM was hard to perform in the beginning.

But he feels more space now in his spine and continues this exercise.

I met somebody who was disabled and asked where his problems came from. These were a result of an operation.

I explained the LSM and the problems I foresaw because of one disabled hand.

He would look into it at home.

This is the miracle testgroup.

I found an aid that people can use if they don't have a lot of strenght in their hands or arms, to hold on.

And developed one, which is patented now. This will be available soon.



Day 52, friday 6/3/2009 ;

The cyst gets smaller.

Also scar tissue, at the membrane of a rib, gets softer and loosens. This is probably a left over of a hard fall on that rib once and always felt like a little hard saucer, stuck to that point of the rib membrane.

This saucer was there for several years and sometimes made me worry.

Tongue pink and clean.

In the evening I walked for 5 kilometers with open coat and just wearing a T shirt. The outside temperature was three to four degrees celcius, and even with walking against the wind, the thin T shirt was warm enough to keep my body warm, even to make me perspire a little.



Day 53, saturday 7/3/2009 ;

Toes smell normal, they don't itch. But I have a little symptoms, same places.

Vague pain in my belly again.

Tonight I felt on one testicle a slightly swollen Epididymis. Around my twentieth year I once had a inflammated Epididymis, this is very painfull when your testicle swells to approximately three times its normal size. I had to move around wearing a toque to avoid touching it.

This is something to watch over, you don't wanna go there twice......


Today a few new test persons added to the test group;

-one diabetic, slightly overweighted, app. 45 years.

-one with one of our most feared diseases, app. 45 years.

-one with no arm and hand strenght, she uses the aid I found, ap. 40 year.

-one with a locked backbone, but reasonably healthy, app. 58 years.



Day 54, sunday 8/3/2009 ;

I woke up this morning with a dry throat and slightly dried mucous membranes of my nose.

I had to cough a little and some small parts came out of my lungs.

This occasional coughing took approximately 15 minutes before my respiration was back to normal, although I didn't have problems breathing.

Further on no problems with my lungs, I felt better, could breathe better and this while I am still smoking.

Maybe this dryness is a result of walking against the wind.

The Epididymis on my testicle can't be felt anymore.

My feet don't itch, in the evening the skin was dry. A little tear between the middle toes of my right foot.

When I pushed my cuticles back, I felt, when I pushed the cuticle of my left small toe, suddenly a stinging feeling in my right orbit, in the inside corner at the side of my nose.

When I looked at the toe the cuticle was bleeding a little. But the toe didn't hurt.

Maybe these are the ends of a meridian? Left small toe- right orbit.


I got the idea that this recovering/healing proces of the body takes around a 100 days.

This is the time in which your nails refresh completely or that a severe fracture grows back together. I mean a fracture of the hip or naviculare. These heal in 8-12 weeks in stead of normal bones that need approximately 6-8 weeks.

Of course based on healthy nutrition.

And, in spite of that I still don't eat enough, my body asks for more and lets me pick healthier food.


Day 55, monday 9/3/2009 ;

Toe tear in my right middle toes healed. Both feet don't itch

I stopped smoking today.

Went to bed early, 11.30 pm.


Day 56, tuesday 10/3/2009 ;

I have been sweating like crazy this night, I woke up at 3.00 am in a wet bed, moved to the other side and later woke up at 6 am. Totally awake and stayed awake.

Right middle toes itch a little, but today for the first time with dry feet. Not after having a shower and soap.

It is very funny to see that my completely changed metabolism is visible in all my nails. But best in my two big toe nails.

I started with yellowish nails (like old people have ;-) ) and now after 56 days they are just over half white, where the whiter nails grow out of the cuticles and the end is still yellowish.


This afternoon I found a marihuana cigarette, of course I had to try it after two days of not smoking.

I make small joints, 0,1 grams of marihuana and a whole cigarette because I never liked being hammered.

The tobacco was disgusting, at the first draw, like you lick out an ashtray. I never tasted anything more disgusting.

I smoked the whole joint and felt a little high.

This feeling of being high is considered partially nice and partially superfluous.

My eye pressure and brain pressure were slightly raised

But the over-all conclusion is that not smoking pleases more.



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Week 9

Day 57, wednesday 11/3/2009 ;

This morning I woke up with a left lower lip that scaled a bit on the inside, on the inside a sort of mini bubbles. So they can be an aptheous ulcer complex as well.

My defaecation is lately very easy, but now I get the impression that the smell of it changes.

Not like roses but a sort of sweet scent, also when you go close, I can't discribe it differently.

With cleaning I saw a spot of blood on the toiletpaper and with checkin I saw a small hemorrhoid.

I had hemorrhoids a few years ago, for a period of a few months.

The tear between my middle toes of my right foot are gone, but now I have symptoms in between the second and third toe. However no itching.



Day 58, thursday 12/3/2009 ;

Lip is almost back to normal, bubbles almost gone.

Left small toe no itching but symptoms

Tear between the toes of my right foot is healed but the itching has moved to the outside of my foot. I have symptoms in between the second and third toe. Not at my left foot.

My soles appear to get softer and loose corn. They were a little dry though.

Little hemorrhoid gone and it didn't bother me yesterday as well.


Day 59, friday 13/3/2009 ;

This is a lucky day,

I have never been this long painfree, in spite of an impossible use of my spine.

And of course not even mentioned that I don't need medication for anything and healed of all my small inconveniences.

My toes switched again, now left itches and right has the symptoms.

And my soles are softer.



Day 60, saturday 14/3/2009 ;

No problems, itching minimal, but at my right foot the itching moved to the outside. It itches between my second and middle toe.


Day 61, sunday 15/3/2009 ;

Both feet itch between the small and second toe.

I didn't watch out and hit my right foot at a glass edge at two places. With a little hole and a cut on the inside of my right foot as a result.

This night I forgot my coat and walked approximately 20 minuten in a very cold wind wearing only a polyester T shirt.

Although it was 4 degrees celcius and chilly, it wasn't cold.

I found a little hard lymph cyst in my right groin.




Day 62, monday 16/3/2009 ;

No feet problems.

In the evening muscle pain in my upper legs, in the evening only on the left side. Upper and lower leg.

In the evening the small toes of both feet hurt if pressed at the base of the toes.



Day 63, tuesday 17/3/2009 ;

Symptoms in the space between small toe and second of both feet, no pain and itching.

Today I had a vague muscle pain in my lower body, hip and legs, and a vague feeling in my backbone. It felt like some nerve pain but was not trackable. More at the connection of the sacrum and the backbone, and than situated in my left sacrum.

My right eye top lid has a little fluid sac at the side today, small and not interfering with my eye or vision.

In my right cheek I have a little rough spot. It is next to a molar that misses a filling and has a slightly sharp edge. However this doesn't seem to be causing it.

Both small toes hurt in the evening when you press the point where it is attached, they have a little tear as well in between the small and second toe.

The middle toe of my right foot hurts the same way, there is a little blister too.

But both feet don't itch at all. At the right side there loosen 2 pieces of skin of 0,5 cm2, under there the skin is pink and dry.

It is peculiar that I have symptoms at both small toes and at the toe it always occurs in second instance.

All other toes seem to have no real problems of this fungal infection, and, after 1,5 months of neglecting and wearing the same shoes, they should all be contaminated.

However my feet get softer and loose corn.

I have a little tension in my backbone when I stand straight and touch my shoulder with my right knee, by bending my leg and pulling it up.

The left knee doesn't give a problem.

Also I can , while standing on one straightened leg, touch my nose with both my big toes. Helped by my hands. ;-)


Today I stopped at the optician where I once had my eyes checked.

I think my sight gets I fooling myself??????


The records they have of me are of 10 years ago!!!

Then I had my eyes checked in order to get contact lenses. I also stopped smoking then.....

My right eye was -2,25 diopters and my left eye -1 diopter.


Over the years my eyes got slightly worse and now I use lenses that are 0,25 diopter stronger than that measurement.


However, I only use lenses when I need a 100/100 vision : With skiing, with driving a car for long distances with passengers or at the theatre or cinema. So just occasionnally and most of the time I don't wear them at all.

I don't have glasses.

The computer test gave a result of -0,5 diopter for my left eye and -1,5 diopters for my right eye!!!!

This is for my left eye an improvement of 0,5 diopter and for the right eye an improvement of 1 diopter, based on the lenses I used 10 years after.


This is an over-all improvement of nearly 50% in just two months!!!!!!


I was happy and stunned the rest of the day...............


In one month I will have an extensive test, because of the 100 days-cycle, this is only day 63

But my optician assured me hat modern computer eye tests were reasonably accurate, and that an extensive test could have a small fail percentage only.


This move gets more unbelievable by the day..........


All testpersons are enthousiastic and feel improvement in their bodies.

And all subscribe, with their own experiences, my story.

This is really big..........


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Week 10

Day 64, wednesday 18/3/2009 ;

I need an average of 6 to 6,5 hours of sleep. After that I wake up by myself.

The vague pain in my sacrum has almost disappeared.

Both small toes itch minimal and the tears are healed. Also the pain , when you press that toe hard, is almost gone.

The lymph cyst in my right groin is still there. It stitches in that groin side sometimes also today.

The cyst in my belly skin sits under the skin now and gets slowly smaller.

I had muscle pain in my lower legs although I didn't walk much.

My defaecation stays the same now, quick and clean with a sort of sweet smell, but still not the scent of roses

Tonight the pain in both small toes was gone and they appeared to feel normal. There is no difference in feeling between all toes.

Tonight I felt a little pain in my heart region.



Day 65, thursday 19/3/2009 ;

THe pain in my heart region is gone this morning.

This morning all toes were normal, nothing dry, painfull or whatever.

The vague pain in my sacrum is still there but I can use everything without a problem and without pain.

My toes seem to heal from this fungal infection by itself.

This morning I had to cough after waking up. I didn't smoke cigarettes anymore, not one since tuesday 10/3 without any problems or longing for them.

But I still smoked approximately 1 gram of marihuana the first week, pure with a pipe that clean out all residu. Only in the evening to relax. However when I smoked 0,1 gram I got tired and fell asleep.

So I don't smoke anything anymore for a few days now, it brings nothing to me anymore.

My lungs seem to keep cleaning themselves, today I had a small pain in my left lung that disappeared later on.

The lymph cyst in my right groin is still there, hard, approximately 4-5 mm but not painfull.


Day 66, friday 20/3/2009 ;

No problem with my toes, in the evening I had a few little symptoms and few blisters. So for the first time a few open spots at both small toes.

The lymph cyst is still hard and gave some pain stitches in my right groin, with intervals, not really bothering.

The vague sacrum pain is almost gone, and the whole back is problem free and can be used in all ways.

In the evening no problem with the right groin, but I felt a very small upcoming lymph cyst in my left groin. This gave the same sort of stitching pain with intervals as yesterday in the other side.


Day 67, saturday 21/3/2009

My toes are normal, no itching but both of my small toes have small open blisters. The rest of my toes don't have problems.

Some vague pain under the belly skin cyst in the evening that disappeared.


Day 68 sunday 22/3/2009 ;

Today I made some pictures and tutorial movies. It was sunny and approximately 6 degrees celcius with a little wind. A little chilly.

To make the pictures I had to get in position from behind the camera into maximum stretch within 10 seconds.

This is the longest self timer in my camera, so I really had to push my spine to get there.

Doing this all afternoon was no problem for my spine.









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